News: Possible Expansion at Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort

News: Possible Expansion at Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort

Possible Expansion at Coronado Springs Resort

Coronada Springs Resort
A room refurbishment is planned for Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort beginning mid-November, 2016. Therefore, hotel guests should note that construction will be ongoing. The noisiest work, however, will be confined to the hours between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Permits were filed recently with the Reedy Creek Improvement District causing speculation of an upcoming expansion to this moderately priced resort. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the application lists a “new stormwater management pond and expansion of another pond to accommodate future impervious area within Coronado Springs.”

Coronado Springs is very LARGE, housing convention space and many hotel buildings. Walking from a Ranchos building to El Centro, which houses all the resort’s main amenities, can be quite the trek. (I absolutely love to walk but that stroll is brutal in the Florida heat.)

What will rooms look like after the upcoming refurbishment?

So, what can we expect? Is the convention space being expanded? Will Disney Vacation Club (DVC) villas be built? We can’t wait to follow further developments and see the results of the room renovations. Stay tuned to The Castle Concierge.

Source: Orlando Sentinel