Royal Caribbean Restaurant: Chops Grille on Oasis

Royal Caribbean Restaurant: Chops Grille on Oasis

Chops Grille – an Oasis Dinner Review

Nestled in Central Park on deck 8 of Oasis of the Seas, Chops Grille, a Royal Caribbean signature restaurant, has been serving up steakhouse specialties for over ten years.

We sailed on Oasis in January and June of 2017 and had the good fortune of dining at Chops Grille on both sailings.

Chops Grille is located in Central Park on the Oasis with Royal Caribbean

Chops Grille is located in Central Park on the Oasis.

Chops Grille in Central Park aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas.

A beautiful Central Park location.

As a hallmark restaurant aboard Royal Caribbean ships, Chops impresses diners with a menu featuring hand cut steaks and other entrees with a contemporary flair. In fact, from the appetizers to the desserts, Chops Grille will surprise guests with a mix of traditional and non-traditional fare. There are also some unexpected items — um, tater tots, anyone?!

Entrance to Chops Grille

Entrance to Chops Grille.

Chops Grille on Oasis

Make a reservation for Chops Grille.

With its prime location in Central Park, diners can select from indoor or outdoor seating.

Outdoor seating at Chops Grille.

Outdoor seating.

We had a voucher for a complimentary meal that required us to reserve a seating with the restaurant after embarkation. So, we stopped by Chops Grille after having lunch in the Windjammer and were still able to secure an early reservation for Tuesday evening — my birthday. Yay!

Celebrate a special occasion at Chops Grille.

Celebrating birthday at Chops Grille.

Restaurant Ambiance

Once inside the restaurant, the rich dark wood is complimented with jeweled tones in red and gold. Luxurious velvet padded chairs as well as banquettes encourage diners to sit and savor the ambiance during their multi-course meal.

Chops Grille has luxurious seating.

Luxurious seating.

Jewel tones add to the upscale feel at Chops Grille.

Jewel tones add to the upscale feel at Chops Grille.

Upon arrival, we were quickly seated at a lovely table. The restaurant was empty, however it quickly filled up as our meal progressed through its decadent stages. Of note, service was impeccable on both of our recent visits. We enjoyed that our selections were served as requested (well-done steak for my mom; vanilla ice cream instead of coconut for me) and that our beverages were quickly filled upon ordering.

Plush seating in Chops Grille

Our table.

A welcoming table setting awaits Royal Caribbean diners when entering the restaurant.

Chops Grille welcomes diners with a gorgeous table setting.

Welcoming table setting.

White table setting at Chops Grille.

White table setting.

The tablescape at Chops Grille.

Pretty tablescape.

Chops Grille Plate.

Chops Grille Plate.

Dinner Menu

As the signature steakhouse aboard the Oasis of the Seas, this Royal Caribbean restaurant specializes in the usual fare of beef, seafood, and chicken, as well as dry-aged steaks and Maine lobster for an additional up-charge. Seriously, you’ll do just as well sticking with the Filet Mignon or other dishes included with the cover charge.

Chops Grille Menu cover.

Menu Cover.

Soups, Salads, and Appetizers at Chops Grille.

Soups, Salads, and Appetizers.

Chops Grille Menu Items.

Chops Grille Menu Items.

We utilized our beverage packages to order drinks, and then our waiter began the meal with freshly baked bread and delicious whipped butter. A great meal always starts with memorable bread service!

Bread service at Chops Grille.

Bread service

For appetizers, three of us went with the Three Cheese Roasted Onion Soup blended with Melted Gruyere, Asiago, and Parmesan cheeses. My husband once again ordered the King Caesar. The soup was on point and the Caesar salad was “to die for”. Sorry, on both occasions, we dug in without taking pictures of our apps. 😉

My husband and son ordered the Filet Mignon, cooked to order — medium, for both of them. Both were extremely happy with their perfectly grilled, seasoned steaks. Both rated it as highly as the memorable filet mignon at Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World. For them, that’s saying this entree was exceptional.

Filet Mignon at Chops Grille.

Filet Mignon.

My mom likes her steak well-done and as you know chefs are usually appalled by this request. Still, the waiter suggested that her filet be butterflied and thus, it was presented as ordered. She also enjoyed her meal with her steak cooked as she prefers it. Kudos to Chops for their accommodating nature.

Butterflied Filet Mignon, well done at Chops Grille.

Butterflied Filet Mignon, well done.

I’m the picky eater of the group, thus I once again ordered the Roasted Organic Chicken Breast. Tender, moist, and flavorful (that truffled chicken jus is scrumptious!), this entree wasn’t at all boring to my finicky palate.

Roasted Organic Chicken Breast at Chops Grille.

Roasted Organic Chicken Breast.

Roasted Organic Chicken Breast at Chops Grille on Oasis.

Roasted Organic Chicken Breast.

Sides are served family style so we suggest discussing selections prior to ordering. We had Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Tater Tots, Salt Baked Potato, and Creamed Corn. We were pleased with all of these items. The Baked Potato was exceptionally good — probably because the waiter poured melted butter all over it right at the table!

Baked Potato at Chops Grille.

Baked Potato.

And with a dollop of sour cream!

Baked Potato with Sour Cream at Chops Grille.

Baked Potato with Sour Cream.

Everyone at our table raved about this baked potato. We decided that we’d have to try adding melted butter to our at-home versions. 😉

Salted Baked Potato at Chops Grille.

Salted Baked Potato.

Sides at Chops Grille.

Sharing the sides was fun!

Yes, we did get two mashed potatoes!

Tater Tots, mashed potatoes, and cream corn at Chops Grille.

Tater Tots, mashed potatoes, and cream corn.


I subbed vanilla ice cream in place of the coconut flavor with my Liquid Center Chocolate Cake. This dessert made me want to lick the plate. Every bite of caramelized banana and chocolate-y cake was amazing.

Liquid Center Chocolate Cake at Chops Grille.

Liquid Center Chocolate Cake .

My husband and son opted for the Red Velvet Cake. With moist cake and hefty helping of rich cheese frosting, this choice is a sweet finish to your meal. My 17-year old son rated it a 9 out of 10.

Red Velvet Cake at Chops Grille.

Red Velvet Cake.

The grand finale was a cheesecake dessert served for the occasion — my birthday — complete with singing waiters.

Huckleberry Cheesecake at Chops Grille.

Huckleberry Cheesecake.

Chops Grille Facts

  • Reservations are recommended for Chops Grille.
  • Dress is smart casual.
  • Cover charge (currently $42 on Oasis) includes gratuities.
  • Open for lunch on sea days.
  • Consider purchasing a specialty dining package.
  • Suite guests can look at menus while relaxing in the Suite Lounge.
Suite guests can peruse menus in the Lounge.

Menus are available for Suite guests in the lounge.

To make reservations, call your travel professional or use the Cruise Planner on Royal Caribbean’s website as this restaurant books up quickly.

Chops Grille, Royal Caribbean.

While the coverage charge has seen several increases in recent years, Chops Grille is certainly a voucher or dining package worthy pick. Even if we weren’t celebrating a special occasion, I’d pay out of pocket for this delightful and attentive meal.

Have you dined at Chops Grille on one of the Royal Caribbean ships? Share your favorite Chops Grille tips.










Top Five Reasons to Cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas

Top Five Reasons to Cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas

Top Five Reasons to Cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas

We recently sailed aboard the Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean International. If you’ve sailed on smaller ships with any cruise line, you’ll be amazed with the plethora of entertainment and dining options aboard the Oasis and Quantum class ships.

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

After last year’s Spring Break sailing with our family on the Freedom of the Seas in a balcony stateroom, we quickly booked the Oasis for our 25th anniversary celebration in January 2017. We had contemplated various destinations, including European, for our getaway but opted for a relaxing cruise in a Grand Suite.

Grand Suite Oasis

Grand Suite

We counted down the months until our Oasis sailing anticipating a restful vacation. And yes, we rested, relaxed, and left our cares ashore in Cape Canaveral. Surprisingly, we also got caught up in many of the activities offered on board this unique ship.

Beach Pool Chairs Oasis Royal Caribbean

Lounge Chairs at Beach Pool on Oasis

Here’s five reasons to book your next cruise on the Oasis:


On this voyage, we ate in the main dining room, Coastal Kitchen (for suite and Pinnacle guests), Johnny Rockets, Chops Grille, Park Cafe, Windjammer, and more. The variety of dining options provided an extra element to our vacation that made it seem like we were vacationing in a city such as Las Vegas rather than on a Caribbean-bound ship.

Chops Grille Oasis

Chops Grille

The good news – I had lost some pounds before our trip. The bad news – I gained half of it back via cheese omelets, French toast, croissants, cookies, ice cream, and delicious dinners. Oh, there were specialty drinks too; my favorites were the Lava Flow and Strawberry Daiquiri.

Adult Activities

Another aspect of the trip that was a pleasant surprise — the endless activities offered for adults. From sunup to sundown, we used our orange highlighter to mark the offerings on our Cruise Compass that we found interesting. Of course, we didn’t get to half of them; we still had in mind that this trip was for rejuvenating, preferably while reading a great book.

Oasis Breakfast

Breakfast and a good book to start the day!

The activities that we went to were all enjoyable. Some of these included Geography Trivia, Captain’s Corner, and the Majority Rules Game Show (our team of 4 won!).

Oasis Captain's Corner

Also, we spent time in the Suite Lounge where complimentary beverages were available.

Reserved Shows

As suite guests, we did not have to reserve entertainment times except for the adult comedy show due to the small venue, Comedy Live. Coming soon: we’ll share the benefits of being a suite guest!

The shows that are able to be reserved are offered throughout the week and easily reserved via Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner. We loved Oasis of Dreams, the diving show in the Aqua Theater located in the Boardwalk neighborhood. The combination of the outdoor venue, unique setting, and talented performers made for an entertaining performance.

Oasis Aqua Theater

Oasis Aqua Theater

Another favorite was the Frozen in Time ice skating spectacular in Studio B located in the Entertainment Place neighborhood. Growing up, I spent countless hours in a skating rink and can truly appreciate the difficulty of skating aboard a moving ship on a small ice surface.


I love to shop. Browse, buy, browse, browse, buy. It’s all good. 😉

Kate Spade store

Kate Spade store

While the weekly purse sale was a madhouse of women trying to snag a deal on designer bags (with one young man filming the chaos for his own amusement… LOL), it was fun to scoop up a deal on a Michael Kors purse.

Michael had fun picking out a Citizen watch.

Oasis of the Seas shopping

Shopping the Sales

Of course, we also got souvenirs (shirts, for example) and gifts for those we left at home. New cologne for the teen! Browsing through Tiffany, Kate Spade, and other stores was a pastime that added extra fun (and a little bit of exercise, right?!) to our cruise.

Solarium, Central Park, and Entertainment Place

After previously sailing on Freedom class ships and Jewel of the Seas, we were already fond of the solarium available to passengers ages 16 and older (previously 18+) due to the quiet space with cozy seating.

On Oasis, the Solarium is a double-deck hideaway with a variety of seating arrangements and cozy nooks for reading, socializing, and staring at the sea. One evening we went to a dance party, Twenty by Absolut, on the upper deck (Deck 16, Solarium Bar) of the Solarium. SeaPass cards were scanned for admittance. (If you know what the age limit is for this party, please let us know in the comments below!)

Solarium Oasis of the Seas

Relax in the Solarium

Central Park is an outdoor space with meandering pathways, tropical plants, romantic lighting, soothing cricket sounds, and lovely music.

Finally, Entertainment Place is home to fun venues such as Casino Royale, Jazz on 4, Comedy Live, Blaze, and Studio B.

Oasis Entertainment Place

Entertainment Place

Bon Voyage!

What’s your favorite cruise ship? Let us know in the comments below!