Kyber Crystal Corner: Ten Rogue One Observations

Kyber Crystal Corner: Ten Rogue One Observations

Ten Rogue One Observations

The digital release of Rogue One is less than a week away. It has now been several months since its initial theater debut and I’m finding the need to share some further thoughts about the film. Yes, it’s time to take a look at some Rogue One observations!

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It’s meaning and overall impact upon the Star Wars experience is getting clearer for me. A busy work schedule, family events, a Royal Caribbean Cruise, and a bout of bronchitis prevented me from seeing Rogue One for a third time in the theater. However, I was able to spend several hours reading and reviewing a few of the guides and other texts that have been published since December. By the time I (and probably most of you!) was itching to really sit down and absorb its visual impact once again, the announcement for the digital and Blu-ray releases were made! I guess I can wait a few more days! 😉

Star Wars

During these months of contemplation, I’ve developed these Rogue One observations that I want to share.

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Rogue One Observations

1. Gareth Edwards is an extraordinary filmmaker.

It is clear that he was destined to have a lasting impact on the Star Wars experience. It really does not matter if the ending or other aspects of the film were reshot. Gareth’s love for the Star Wars cinematic experience runs deep and it is demonstrated throughout the film making process and the finished product of Rogue One. I am wholly impressed at his dedication to bringing a new story and chapter into the Star Wars experience. Yep, I am a huge fan!

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2. Rogue One very clearly stands within the upper most tier of the Star Wars films.

Its visual style, storytelling, and heart make it so when placed among the other seven films. It’s so well done, that it feels as though it was meant to be made. Although I refuse to resort to the pointless efforts at ranking the Star Wars movies in any way, Rogue One should be extremely high on anyone’s list.

3. Rogue One significantly alters one’s perception and understanding of the Star Wars cinematic experience.

It’s ingenious execution adds an astounding level of meaning to the entire saga.

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4. Death Troopers are indeed awesome.

The mystery of their existence and their frightening appearance will ensure their legacy in Star Wars from this point forward.

5. Michael Giacchino’s film score is outstanding.

It has been a staple in my playlist rotation since December!

6. The third act of this film could possibly be one of the most exhilarating ,visually stunning, and emotional 20 minutes that I have ever seen on film.

Additional multiple viewings are in order to fully comprehend and appreciate the impact of those final 20 minutes.

7. Disney is demonstrating to be a responsible and competent steward to the Star Wars experience.

Regardless of how you feel about Disney as a company, it cannot be denied at this time that its acquisition and subsequent management of LucasFilm has been nothing short of extraordinary for the Star Wars fandom.

Rogue One Observations

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8. My appreciation for Rogue One notwithstanding, I am somewhat hesitant to embrace the upcoming Han Solo film.

Something tells me I’m not alone in this, so time will tell if my uneasiness is warranted.

9. I am now breathlessly awaiting December and the release of Episode VIII.

A trailer will be dropping at any time and that will only fuel the anticipation.

10. Rogue One surely did not assist me in overcoming my “problem” related to Star Wars merchandise.

Yes, I continue to pick up merchandise throughout my travels — much to the dismay of my family!

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Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Springs

Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Springs

Bravo LucasFilm and Disney!

Now it’s your turn; share your Rogue One thoughts in the comments below!

The Kyber Crystal Corner: An Initial Look at Rogue One

The Kyber Crystal Corner: An Initial Look at Rogue One

An Initial Look at Rogue One with No Spoilers

My first viewing experience of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story occurred earlier this week. With family in tow, we arrived early enough to be the first viewers let in the theater. Hey, I like my choice of seats!

First Viewing

For most of its fandom, the reactions related to the entire Star Wars saga on film has been an evolutionary process. After all, multiple viewings are often needed to fully comprehend the merits of each movie. And its shortcomings. Sometimes, delving in to those hit or misses, takes time.

Overall opinions and perceptions of each Star Wars film may also go through several transformations. I can personally attest to that. And although that can be said for any film in the history of cinema, Star Wars remains unique. Arguably, the Star Wars film saga might be considered the first in cinema history that created an environment necessitating multiple viewings across time for its devoted fan base.

Therefore, it is impossible for me to provide a comprehensive review a few short days after first experiencing Rogue One. I think many will agree that multiple viewings of the Star Wars films is a strongly reinforcing stimulus — personally and socially.

First Thoughts on Rogue One

Rogue One is an excellent addition to the Star Wars film saga. Of course, I must admit that my strong bias towards the Star Wars universe would make it difficult to find any movie on this topic less than satisfying or enjoyable. Furthermore, the year-long anticipation of this stand-alone film, along with the repeated viewings of trailers and featurettes, definitely pushes me toward a positive response.

That being said, it really is an extremely well-made and exciting movie.

Gareth Edwards and the Disney/Lucasfilm team have created a Star Wars story that can stand on its own as a wartime science-fiction adventure. It also is a stunningly effective piece that fits snugly into the other chapters of the saga. Being able to successfully deliver a film whose initial storyline began as the brief preamble to Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope forty (40!!) years ago is impressive.

It is certainly a film that has a more “adult” tone to it, but in reality that isn’t necessarily a revolutionary aspect to a Star Wars film. Since the more adolescent representations of the Star Wars story seen in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the Star Wars film universe has decidedly become more “adult” in tone and presentation.

Rogue One


Rogue One introduces a new set of characters that are solid supplements to the saga. Other than Jyn Erso, and similar to the prequel films, the exploration of their individual attributes, histories, and motives are somewhat thin. This doesn’t detract from the film as a whole, since the objective of the storyline does not require extensive storytelling in this way. It does more than a satisfactory job at explaining what is motivating Jyn and that’s what matters.

A great new droid character, K-2SO, makes his appearance in Rogue One. His presence and his “personality” is a significant addition to the sagas trio of established droid characters.

Trying hard not to sound redundant or utilizing clichéd adjectives, it is difficult to not describe the visual effects and the cinematography of this film as being outstanding. As the weeks go by, I will expound further upon these subjects.

The film is somewhat long on exposition at the start, but once it shifts into the middle act, Rogue One is an exhilarating experience. Similar to what I stated shortly after my first experience of The Force Awakens, Rogue One has met my expectations and exceeded them on several levels.

I will be seeing Rogue One again within the next week to experience it from a perspective that differs from the excitement of the initial viewing. This will allow me to develop additional responses that I will periodically provide in this forum.

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