Summer Before College To Do List

The Summer Before College To Do List

Summer To Do List

Tackle your to do list early. The more things completed far in advance of the move, the easier the already emotional last days at home will be. Your student may not admit it, but they are also nervous and worried about homesickness. Get started by crossing off items that do not pertain to your family.

  • Make plans to attend college orientation
  • Send final transcripts to the university
  • Have your child make a doctor appointment, get medical form for college filled out, and then sent to the university
  • Have your student open a new bank account
  • Get in touch with roommates
  • Get a dorm shopping list
  • See what you already have at home before shopping for the dorm room
  • Be sure to accept scholarships
  • Make a college budget and financial plan
  • Find a summer job and save for upcoming expenses
  • If appropriate, finalize loan applications with the financial aid office and notify them of any outside scholarships or grants
  • Complete paperwork for state aid where appropriate
  • Work-study recipients should watch for information on their assignment
  • If appropriate, sign the promissory notes for student loans
  • Note all deadlines on a calendar (football tickets, parking registration, medical forms, etc.)
  • Make sure your student is checking their university email every day
  • Update insurance policies (health, car, renters)
  • Sign up for a move in date
  • Rent a large vehicle, if needed, for college move in day
  • Make hotel reservations early for move in, football weekends, Family weekend, etc.
  • Pack, pack, pack (don’t wait until the last minute when student and parents are nervous, tired, stressed, emotional)
  • Label all belongs with your student’s name, dorm, room number, and cell number
  • Prepare for auditions (marching band, etc.) and other activities
  • It’s not too late to teach a few more life skills (laundry, bathroom cleaning, making dentist appointments, budgeting, and more)
  • Find some microwaveable meals that your child likes
  • Go on a vacation
  • See the grandparents
  • Spend time with friends
  • Finish graduation thank you notes
  • Research computer needs before purchasing a new laptop
  • Decide if your child is taking a car to school
  • Apply for on campus or off campus jobs
  • Discuss time management tips for balancing classes, meal times, studying, job, laundry, cleaning the room or suite (we can hope!), activities, and staying in touch with family and friends
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Preparing for our only child to leave home.